On the school holidays I went to Brisbane,

My favorite thing I did at Brisbane was go in the pool with my dad and my sister. The first time I went in the pool my dad asked who wants to jump in first, I yelled you go first he said you go first then I pushed him in.

In the pool I did back flips off the edge and I also did them in the water, my dad throw me up and I did a back flip. The next day I went in the spa it was so warm the bubbles were so ticklish.

From Leonardo.



Dear Mother Earth,

I will help Mother Earth by, recycling paper,bottles and jars.

My second thing I will do is instead of driving I can ride or walk.

My third reason is when I am not using electricity I will pick up lots and lots of rubbish.

I speak for you.

Your truly,




A radio communication system sends signals by radio. It carries information such as sound.

The parts or equipment you need for the radio system to work are the transmitter, receiver, antenna (for both), microphone for the transmitter and a loudspeaker for a receiver.

Radio waves are sent from a device called a transmitter. It sends out waves carrying messages or signals. To get the power source working you need to have a flow which is called a carrier.

The receiver is a device that receives the information sent by the transmitter. It needs a loudspeaker so the message or signal can be heard.

Both the transmitter and the receiver need an antenna. The antenna gets the radio waves that are needed to send the messages.

The radio system involves lots of parts that work together to make it work.




My favorite book is the 13 story treehouse, because it is funny and it is interesting to read. My favorite part of the book is when the monkeys are in there house.




During our excursion at the Botanical Gardens, we walked around with a guide, and we learnt about different plants. We  went through a large tree where indigenous people collected nuts to eat.


We also had a demonstration on how to make string from a leaf, I really enjoyed learning how to make the string. After the string making the whole class learnt how the indigenous people used to kill their animals by using traps. My favourite part of the day was when we did a painting with our fingers.


After the Botanical gardens we went on the bus to the Koorie Heritage Trust we split into groups we got a man that took us around the area, first we went to look at how they made the shields then we talked about the Yarra River. After that we went inside to look at boomerangs and possum skin.


I liked the bit when we did the painting, I hope we get to go there again.



On Monday the 9th of May 2016 we went on incursion in the hall.


The first thing we talked about was the mouth. The saliva breaks down the food after we chew it. Sally had a ox’s tongue. We all got to have a lollie each, we had to think about what is happening. We learnt that when the food is squeezing down your esophagus it is called peristalsis.


Then we played a game we had to squeeze a ping pong ball down a stocking and say peristalsis on and on, till it came out of the bottom. We had to pass it on and then sit down the winning group got to get another lollie (which wasn’t our group)


After that we talked about the stomach and the small intestines. Sally had a pig’s small intestine and the pig’s stomach.


Then we had to put a piece of bread and water in a plastic bag and squish it together. We had to add oats and cocoa powder and mix it together. After that we had to squeeze out the water.

Overall I think I learnt a lot more about the digestive system during this incursion because we got to touch things not just listen to her read something.

Sovereign hill!


Hi guys,

On Friday we went on a excursion to sovereign hill.

At sovereign hill i learnt about how the people came to our country because there country had war or the county was so so poor or it was crowded.

Also what i learnt was  how much a gold bar cost it costs 150,000 dollars.

I also learnt were the gold bars go they go to the bank and the bank make the gold bars bigger and change them into money when they need to.

My favorite memory was panning for gold but i did not find  any but that is ok.

If i was living in sovereign hill in the 1850s my job that i would like is in the gold mines mining for gold. Why i would like to do that is because i could look for different pieces of gold.





Hi its Leo again,

I’m going to talk to you about what keeps you organized. When you don’t know when to do homework you can go to your diary and write on the days when to do your homework. It keeps you organized by not saying to your self when do i do homework when do i do homework.

From Leonardo:)