On Monday the 9th of May 2016 we went on incursion in the hall.


The first thing we talked about was the mouth. The saliva breaks down the food after we chew it. Sally had a ox’s tongue. We all got to have a lollie each, we had to think about what is happening. We learnt that when the food is squeezing down your esophagus it is called peristalsis.


Then we played a game we had to squeeze a ping pong ball down a stocking and say peristalsis on and on, till it came out of the bottom. We had to pass it on and then sit down the winning group got to get another lollie (which wasn’t our group)


After that we talked about the stomach and the small intestines. Sally had a pig’s small intestine and the pig’s stomach.


Then we had to put a piece of bread and water in a plastic bag and squish it together. We had to add oats and cocoa powder and mix it together. After that we had to squeeze out the water.

Overall I think I learnt a lot more about the digestive system during this incursion because we got to touch things not just listen to her read something.

7 thoughts on “Incursion

  1. Dear leo,
    i really liked the doc it was amazing how the saliva breaks down the food
    What is perrystellses
    By Ryan.

  2. Dear Leo,
    your post was so descriptive and it was interesting I really liked it.

    From Jun
    P.S. You did good paragraphing!

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