Sovereign hill!


Hi guys,

On Friday we went on a excursion to sovereign hill.

At sovereign hill i learnt about how the people came to our country because there country had war or the county was so so poor or it was crowded.

Also what i learnt was  how much a gold bar cost it costs 150,000 dollars.

I also learnt were the gold bars go they go to the bank and the bank make the gold bars bigger and change them into money when they need to.

My favorite memory was panning for gold but i did not find  any but that is ok.

If i was living in sovereign hill in the 1850s my job that i would like is in the gold mines mining for gold. Why i would like to do that is because i could look for different pieces of gold.





Hi its Leo again,

I’m going to talk to you about what keeps you organized. When you don’t know when to do homework you can go to your diary and write on the days when to do your homework. It keeps you organized by not saying to your self when do i do homework when do i do homework.

From Leonardo:)

GOOGLE DAY !!!!!!!!!


Hi it’s Leonardo again,

We had this day called Google day at google day we did different things like google keep, google sites, snagit and sketchpad. What i did was google keep and google sites, what i learnt at google keep was when you forget something  and you write it down and it reminds you on your chromebook what you were meant to do. And now i am going to tell you about google sites google sites is like your own little site it is for showing your family.

What did you learn at google day?

From Leonardo:) 🙂